NOTE — This page is under construction but is published so that you know what information will be available as the project evolves.



  • Restricted areas, trespassing, hazards (obstacles, open water, threats from the weather like high water, flash flood, etc.)
  • Cover (i.e. closed canopy, full sun)
  • Points of interest (history, structures, ecology – wildlife and plants, landmarks, geography
  • Terrain/ecosystem: swamp, marsh, suburban/urban
  • Typical plants
  • Typical wildlife sightings: birds and insects
  • History

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  • Availability of a tour guide service
  • Canoe rental availability – list vendors
  • Local fishing advice, guide service listings
  • Local canoe and boating supply
  • Nearby camping
  • Other reading

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Available Launch Locations


  • Name of launch
  • Launch point description: Dock? Concrete ramp? Mud? Gravel? ADA compliance  Do motorboats also launch? Are they on this waterway?
  • Parking – availability, restrictions, directions, hours
  • Name of water body, where it lead to? in miles?
  • Trip description – what you’ll see, recommended route(s), duration in minutes/hours/miles
  • Driving directions and map

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Bogue Falaya Park

  • Launch from sand bank; Not ADA Compliant; Motor boats do not launch here but you may encounter  them. No Wake Zone from here to the junction of the Bogue Falata and the Abita rivers with some motor boat traffic south to the junction with the Tchefuncte River at the I-12 bridge..
  • Limited parking with a long walk to the water;
  • At mile xxx on the Bogue Falaya River;

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Columbia Street Landing

Menetre Park

1st Avenue / Nose Park


Always place a float plan on your dash (link to a blank form) (NOTE – This form will be updated.  This one used as a template)

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Contact numbers and web sites

  • LAWL&F
  • St. Tammany Sheriff -Non-Emergency Dispatch – (985) 898-2338 
  • StTP-CRT
  • weather forecast
  • 911

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Recommended supply list:

  • water
  • insect repellent
  • sunscreen
  • PFD
  • extra paddle
  • line
  • first aid
  • communication device
  • apparel appropriate for terrain and season, etc.

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