Pine Knoll Farm contains important natural habitats and stream buffers along the ecologically-significant Tangipahoa River, a State of Louisiana Scenic Stream. Several wetland and upland habitats occur on the property, including mature cypress-tupelo swamp in old river channels, open sandy fields recently planted in Long Leaf Pine, native grassland scattered large native hardwoods, brushy thickets, and deep sandy beaches.

These habitats are home to numerous species of plants and wildlife, such as nesting turtles, migratory birds, rookery for great blue herons, and potential homes for the threatened gopher tortoise and bald eagle.

South Louisiana’s marshes are attractive to fish-eating bald eagles, not only because of the abundance of food, but also because of the prevalence of large cypress trees, making land conservation in Louisiana crucial to their habitat. For more information on the bald eagle’s presence in Southeast Louisiana, click here.


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