Land Trust for Louisiana is proud to partner once again with J.M. Burguieres Co., Limited to create the Marine Bayou Mitigation Bank. Founded in 1877, J.M. Burguieres Co. is the largest single family-owned land holding and acquisition company currently in operation in Louisiana, with operations in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

This project is a great example of how multiple partners can bring about land conservation!

Located in Pointe Coupee Parish, Marine Bayou is privately owned and consists of 84.32 acres of flat sandy type soil that will be restored to the area’s original hydrology. In addition to the re-establishment of the forests and fresh water marshlands, we also will see the restoration of currently impaired aquatic functions important for the area.


Below are the first key steps for restoring the area:

  1. The Sponsor will take appropriate actions to re-establish natural hydrologic conditions. Re-establishment of the natural hydrologic regime will include, but is not limited to, the removal of one culvert on the east end of the Site, leveling of bedded- rows within the farm fields, and the removal of any man-made drainage ditches within the farm fields, which exist to expedite drainage into Marine and Horse Bayous. Two (2) existing 40-inch culverts along Marine and Horse Bayous will also be removed and replaced with gravel or articulating concrete block low water crossings upon institution of the MBMB. The dimensions of these crossings will be similar to or greater than the existing water bottom to avoid inhibition of natural flow.
  2. Restoration will be accomplished by re-establishing natural hydrology to the Site and planting an appropriate species mixture of bottomland hardwoods during the standard planting season (December-March).
  3. Any necessary erosion control measures will be implemented as needed.

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