Land Trust for Louisiana is partnering with The J.M. Burguières Co. Limited, in St. Mary Parish. Founded in 1877, they are the largest single family-owned land holding and acquisition company currently in operation in Louisiana.

The Kilgore Plantation was formerly part of the oldest running sugarcane company in Louisiana. The 550.5 acres is being restored to a mix of bottomland hardwood forest, cypress-tupelo swamp, and fresh marshland. LTL will hold a perpetual easement on this property, ensuring its value as a wildlife haven forever. In addition to the re-establishment of the forest and marsh vegetation, currently impaired aquatic functions important for the area will also be restored.

Kilgore Plantation will provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and plant habitats: bald eagles, ospreys, songbirds, cardinals, ibis, blue heron, great white egrets, eastern bluebirds, purple martins, deer, wood ducks, oak, maple, ash, evergreens, cedar, palmettos, mulberry, persimmons, pecan, and hackberry. Especially exciting is the creation of habitat for the Louisiana black bear (Ursus americanus luteolus) which has declined in recent decades due to loss of forests in the region.


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