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Donations are tax-deductible and directly impact our operating budget.  Donate as frequently as you wish, in any amount by clicking the link above. If you prefer to mail a check, please send it to: Land Trust for Louisiana, P.O. Box 1636, Hammond, LA 70404.

Be a Voice for Your Land!

Generous financial and on-the-ground support from members, donors, volunteers, and sponsors enables Land Trust for Louisiana to protect our land’s natural beauty and nourishing resources. Join in to help sustain an organization that envisions and works for a permanently thriving Louisiana that is home to protected wetlands, bayous, river trails, and healthy populations of native plants and animals.  Help us extend our reach to restore urban green spaces, fortify a storm-ready Gulf Coast, and advocate for agricultural communities and land-based economy.

Any donation of $30 or more includes an LTL membership. Donations throughout the year accumulate toward the next level.

Tradelands Program

The Land Trust for Louisiana has an active Tradelands Program in which landowners who don’t hold valuable conservation lands, but want to support the Land Trust, can do so. In these cases, the landowner will donate a piece of property to LTL that may or may not be developed and can be used for any purpose – residential, industrial, or commercial. When donating, it is understood by both parties that LTL intends to sell the property and that the proceeds will go to the Land Trust to carry on the important work of conservation. Sometimes, the property – all or in part – does in fact possess important conservation values in which case the Land Trust will sell the property with a conservation easement in place to a conservation buyer. Such is the case with the Dowouis property in St. Tammany Parish.

Also remember Land Trust for Louisiana in your planned estate giving.

If you have included the Land Trust for Louisiana in your will, please let us know so that we may thank you during your lifetime.

More Options to Get Involved


Volunteer committees help with events, fundraising, community outreach, property maintenance (land stewardship), and spreading the word about Land Trust for Louisiana.


Shop online at or, choose our organization as your charity, and a portion of your purchase price is automatically donated to Land Trust for Louisiana.

Land Donations and Conservation Easements

If you would like to discuss a land protection project on your property, please click above or contact our office.