Agricultural Lands Are Important to Louisiana’s Economy and Culture


Rich Louisiana lands are essential to key economic activities, and must be protected!

  • Without land, farmers can’t farm, fish, and forage, and we all lose the benefits of farms in our landscape and ecosystem.
  • Farmland is particularly vulnerable to pressure for development which causes land to be turned over to other uses, degrading natural resources, local economies, and community unity.
  • Land conservation is a viable option for many farmers and farmland owners; donation of development rights or of a conservation easement to Land Trust for Louisiana allows for agricultural activities to continue and for the landowner to receive financial benefits.
  • Agricultural land stewardship includes provisions that preserve and improve natural resources through land management techniques.
  • Our team can link agricultural landowners with programs such as the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program of the Natural Resource Conservation Service that provide financial matching for conservation easement purchases.

Beyond holding land in perpetuity, Land Trust for Louisiana advocates at the local, federal, and state levels for better financial support programs for landowners who wish to contribute to the growing number of agricultural acres preserved.