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October 14, 2018
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Bayou Grand Coteau is the conservation easement held by Land Trust for Louisiana on a former sugarcane plantation known as Cypress Knee Farm. Read all about it here!!
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Land Trust for Louisiana: Who We Are

We are a grass roots based land trust in Louisiana and the only one of its kind in our State.

We work cooperatively with local communities, landowners, businesses, and other non-profits to achieve many goals. By working with us, our partners are able to protect river banks, manage storm water, create wildlife corridors, protect habitat for migrating birds, and much, much more. We also help to create greenways and blueways, and to provide much needed open space for people to work and play. We are often an option for private landowners to preserve their family lands and achieve personal conservation goals, with some tax benefits available. We are comprised of local financial experts, tax attorneys, environmental professionals, land owners, and area residents who want to protect valuable land, both natural and agricultural.

We are not a government organization.  We work cooperatively with local governments, land owners, and other such agencies as needed.

Land Trust for Louisiana is guided by the Land Trust Alliance’s Standards and Practices.;For more than 25 years the Land Trust Alliance has been  working with the national conservation community.

What We Do:

Land Trust for Louisiana (LTL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit land conservation organization dedicated to preserving valuable natural lands in rural areas and urban communities of Louisiana through donations, purchases and conservation servitudes. We aim to protect the state’s unique natural areas so that everyone, now and forever, will have beautiful natural spaces in which to live and play, not only in the countryside but in our cities and towns as well.  LTL is accredited by the national Land Trust Alliance Commission and is state certified by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

We work with community partners to create healthy and sustainable natural environments. We conserve ecosystems and landscape values in perpetuity through a variety of partnerships to preserve sensitive natural areas, farmland, ranch land, water sources, cultural resources, urban recreational areas, and notable landmarks.

“A forest is not a wilderness, but a community of souls who speak to one another on the wind.”

— ― Anthony T. Hincks

Acres Protected
Easements Held

We Conserve . . .


Natural Areas

According to Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, a natural area consists of “rare, threatened or endangered plants or animals, state significant natural communities, or high quality common elements.” Land Trust for Louisiana works to help managed these natural areas using specific guidelines in order to preserve and/or restore its environment.
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Urban Areas

An Urban Area is the region surrounding a city and includes the city itself. The area is usually densely populated. Land Trust for Louisiana helps with efforts aimed at preserving and maintaining more green spaces within urban areas.
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Water Sources

One way that the Land Trust for Louisiana has been involved in preserving water sources is through Blueways. A Blueway is a river-trail with public access points. The plan typically includes plans for a green corridor, or streamside management zone to protect water quality, stabilize riverbanks and maintain scenic views. 
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Kilgore Plantation Mitigation Bank


Louisiana’s agricultural lands are essential to key economic activities, and must be protected. Farmland is particularly vulnerable to pressure for development which causes land to be turned over to other uses, degrading natural resources, local economies, and community unity. Land Trust for Louisiana works closely with landowners to help ensure the preservation of farmland.
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