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Located just outside of Houma in Lafourche Parish, Bayou Grand Coteau is the conservation easement held by Land Trust for Louisiana on a former sugarcane plantation known as Cypress Knee Farm.

The land is privately owned and is being partially converted into mixed bottomland hardwood forest (BLH) and a cypress tree wetland mitigation bank. The conservation easement is 121 acres and is located on the back of the property, which faces encroachment from developers in the area. The owners wanted to preserve the natural beauty in perpetuity and contacted LTL for help.

In addition to the 121 acres, the owners already have a track record for protecting lands adjacent to Bayou Grand Coteau.

They established a mitigation bank on an adjoining property shortly after Hurricane Katrina and planted 52,000 BLH trees and 20,000 Cypress trees.

Bayou Grand Coteau, which is the 121 acres held in perpetuity by LTL, will mirror the more established parcel by planting 50,000 BLH trees and 20,000 Cypress trees.

This is all great news for the flora and fauna
that make this area their home!

The area provides habitat for a cornucopia of wildlife, including bald eagles, ospreys, alligators, beavers, otters, mink, nutria, songbirds, cardinals, ibis, blue heron, great white egrets, eastern bluebirds, purple martins, deer, wood ducks, bass fish, perch fish, and crawfish.

The trees include seven different types of oak, maple, ash, evergreens, cedar, mulberry, persimmons, pecan, and hackberry.