Our Mission

Land Trust for Louisiana (LTL) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit land conservation organization dedicated to preserving valuable natural lands in rural areas and urban communities of Louisiana through donations, purchases and conservation servitudes. We aim to protect the state’s unique natural areas so that everyone, now and forever, will have beautiful natural spaces in which to live and play, not only in the countryside but in our cities and towns as well.  LTL is accredited by the national Land Trust Alliance Commission and is state certified by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

We work with community partners to create healthy and sustainable natural environments. We conserve ecosystems and landscape values in perpetuity through a variety of partnerships to preserve sensitive natural areas, farmland, ranch land, water sources, cultural resources, urban recreational areas, and notable landmarks.

How does LTL Acquire Land?

Donation—Landowners can donate an easement on their property to Land Trust for Louisiana to protect and conserve in perpetuity.

Fee Simple Title—Land Trust for Louisiana purchases the property and creates and easement to protect and conserve in perpetuity.

Conservation Easement—Land Trust for Louisiana acquires the development rights, either by donation or purchase, from the landowner. The landowner maintains his remaining property rights, but is limited to certain types of development. The landowner benefits by being able to keep his or her land while also receiving either money or tax deductions from the transaction. This flexible agreement is tailored to the needs of the landowner and for the benefit of the land and ecosystems involved.  All easements protect the property in perpetuity.

Bargain Sale—Land Trust for Louisiana purchases the land for less than its fair market value, making the deal more affordable for the land trust.  A bargain sale helps the landowner reduce capital gains taxes and obtain a charitable income tax deduction based on the difference between the land’s fair market value and its sale price.

What happens next?

Land Trust for Louisiana will monitor each property under its perpetual care once per year to make sure all conservation values are being observed and no violations are being committed.  A baseline assessment is completed during the property evaluation phase and is used as reference in the property’s annual monitoring.  In the case of our fee simple properties, LTL is responsible for the ongoing management and maintenance of the property. Our Stewardship Committee, chaired by Nelwyn McInnis, is a key component of this process.


Land Trust for Louisiana also:

ltl-facebook-profile(1)Advocates for the importance and value of land conservation.

ltl-facebook-profile(1)Maintains strategic partnerships with government agencies, private businesses, and fellow nonprofit organizations.


 Provides increased awareness about the importance of land conservation throughout Louisiana.

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